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RESTORATION COUNSELING: Your Marriage and Family Therapist near Boise, Idaho

Welcome to Restoration Counseling! 

During the most difficult times in life, guidance and support from compassionate professionals, such as a marriage and family therapist, can be instrumental in bringing about a change for the better. Clients may seek out individual, couple, family, or mental health counseling to help sort out their lives or relationships. We provide counseling near the Boise, Idaho area and are here to help.
Stephanie Baker  
          Counselor Boise Idaho


"To restore means to face the area of loss and restructure it, creating a new structure. Most of the time when we think of restoration we are stuck or hurting, stuck at something in our past. A lot of times when we come upon restoration, stuck, hurting, our life not progressing past that point- We must take the next step forward in order to re-build."

Stephanie Baker, MS, LCPC, NCC, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor near Boise, Idaho. Stephanie holds a Master's degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family studies, and a Bachelors in Psychology from Northwest Nazarene University Nampa, Idaho. She is also a member of Chi Sigma Iota and the American Counseling Association.


Our counselor has worked with clients to understand and resolve trauma, depression, grief, anxiety, and other feelings that hinder a meaningful and fulfilling life. Stephanie enjoys working with couples, individuals, families, and teens. She has helped couples sort through the issues that are putting their relationships in peril and get back on track by working together. In her work with teens, Stephanie partnered with the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections on a project entitled Idaho's Incarcerated Youth: Trauma Prevalence and Treatment Outcomes, which was utilized to assist the department with implementing Trauma Informed Care. 

Counseling Boise Idaho: Stephanie Baker Counselor Boise Idaho

Stephanie believes no one goes through life without some type of trauma, struggle, loss, or brokenness, which needs to be resolved. In counseling, clients can expect to gain new insights leading to greater self-understanding, an ability to connect past root issues with current symptoms, an exploration into unhelpful thinking patterns or core beliefs, and an understanding of how to replace those with healthier patterns. 


In order to address a variety of concerns, Stephanie's counseling approach is integrative, based on client need, and desired depth of counseling. Stephanie's counseling approach includes: EMDR Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Family Systems Theory, the Gottman Method, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. 


In the counseling setting, Stephanie seeks to help clients feel valued and empowered to explore life issues leading to a natural growth process. Stephanie's compassionate heart is readily evident in her counseling work, and her gifting comes in seeing beyond tightly held defenses deep into a person's heart. 


Her genuineness in the counseling relationship assists clients in being vulnerable enough to be real. It is Stephanie's desire to inspire clients on their journey toward greater personal growth, self-understanding, and wholeness.


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Whether a client is struggling with anxiety or in need of Christian counseling, our marriage and family therapist can help. Call us today at

208-972-2732 or visit our contact page to learn more about our services. 

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